Algon Steel is proud to provide quality products and services to all our clients.

Algon Steel is committed to being a provider of high-quality structural steel. As part of this commitment, Algon Steel has achieved certification to AS 5131:2016 and ISO for risk management and mitigation processes.

We understand that unscheduled delays, non-compliant materials, unqualified work or design can cause a serious delay and cost burden for our clients. Attainting certification standards enables Algon Steel to play a key part in our client’s risk mitigation strategy.

Our in-house supervisors are highly specialised, guaranteeing consistency and quality of output. Our Welding Supervisors hold their Certificate IV in Engineering – Welding and Painting Supervisors hold their Certificate III in Surface Preparation and Coating Application.

Algon Steel’s core principle is to supply customers with the best quality structural steel products in a cost-efficient and timely manner. Key to this commitment is our use of Australian manufactured steel, which provides surety of quality and continuity of supply.

You can view our certificates of accreditation below: