Company Profile

With more than 35 years experience, Algon Steel is an industry leader in structural steel fabrication, drafting, surface preparation and erection.

Situated in the Newcastle and Hunter region, Algon Steel services clients throughout regional NSW, Sydney and as far afield as Queensland. No matter how big or small your project is, Algon Steel has the equipment, personal and capabilities to handle it.

Algon Steel pride itself on developing a positive work environment and maintaining strong workplace relations. We have an all-time high proportion of full time employed boilermakers and apprentices.

The current facility in Beresfield has enabled rapid company expansion. From humble beginnings with one project manager and one workshop foreman, Algon Steel has grown to a team of five project managers, two workshop managers and two workshop foremen. This managerial team supervises a labour team of over 35 people, from apprentices to qualified boilermakers with over 10 years experience. At Algon Steel, we maintain focus on building strong, beneficial relationships with all clients, suppliers and staff. Our weekly throughput ranges from 75-110 tonnes.

The steel fabrication industry faced significant shortfalls in labour in the past. To address this demand for labour, Algon Steel created a Junior Development Program. This is managed in conjunction with a specialist Metal Fabrication and Welding course under the New Apprenticeship system, which was implemented in 2003. These programs reinforce Algon Steel’s support of the local economy, local employment and dedication to future stability.

Algon Steel offers clients a complete service, providing in-house surface preparation, painting and detailing. Not only does this increase service quality, it also improves time efficiency and cost competitiveness, offering clients better value for money.

We construct steel structures to your specific requirements, using advanced manufacturing technology and optimised processes. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures a high quality of work that exceeds client expectations.

Algon Steel is proud to offer a comprehensive range of in-house services, careful quality control and transparent project management throughout every stage of the project.

Why Choose Steel?


Steel’s high strength-to-weight ratio makes it one of the most widely used structural materials in contemporary construction. Steel has the ability to be creatively used for architectural purposes, while maintaining structural integrity and exceptional load-bearing capabilities.


A variety of aesthetic looks are achievable with steel materials. Steel can pair well with many materials such as concrete, brick, wood and glass.


Steel’s ability to be bent and shaped makes it very useful for creative, non-linear designs.


Architects and designers are now opting for more sustainable materials. Steel is a uniquely sustainable material as it is entirely recyclable.