“Gonzalez Steel offered thorough, competitive pricing. Systems are in place to ensure fabrication is staged, and, with the added advantage of in-house painting, this meant quick turnarounds for site deliveries.

Workshop quality systems (Fabrication and Painting) are comprehensive and the proof is in an outstanding product. Installation crew were capable for large, multi-crane installs and their onsite safety record was very good.

A professional company that produce a quality product.”

Tony G Campbell, Project Engineer, Lend Lease

“I have worked with Goran Poposki and Gonzalez Steel (Algon Steel) at CPB Contractors (previously Thiess Pty Ltd) and have been very happy with the quality, speed and service of the steelwork they provide. I have engaged Gonzalez Steel in a number of projects which have included the Gunyama Park Aquatic Centre in Green Square, the Wynyard Walk Tunnel and Liebherr’s Crane Facility in Mt Thorley. Their staff, at all levels, have demonstrated a complete understanding of every aspect of structural steel design, fabrication and project management.

I would have no hesitation in continuing recommending Gonzalez Steel for projects moving forward.We look forward to continuing the association with the same high standard of professionalism in the future.”

Peter Volos, Senior Project Engineer, CPB Contractors

“The University of Newcastle New Space project was a complex and multi-faceted one. A major component of the construction phase was the formation and lifting of the X columns and mega truss structure which were completed by Gonzalez Steel Pty Ltd. A safe, efficient and proactive approach from Gonzalez ensured that these significant project elements were well planned and were completed without issue.

A lot of detailed planning went into the installation of the X columns, with the central jig and the 25m long and 45t columns pre-fabricated off-site and delivered separately on 29m long trailers. Bracing, clamping and ties, along with the central jig were assembled and installed on-ground in the materials handling zone. The X columns were then elevated and propped up to sit one metre above ground, to allow the efficient insertion of the reinforcement sections to be welded into place using castors, allowing for easy insertion and providing adequate concrete cover between the columns and the reinforcement sections. Concrete was then poured into the X Columns to secure reinforcement. A 400t mobile crane and two franna cranes conducted the 45t lift, from the horizontal assembly position to a vertical installation position. The columns were then tied and fixed into sockets and pumped with 80Mpa concrete simultaneously from the bottom up to prevent any air bubbles in the concrete and to avoid any vibrations that would affect the joints.

The mega truss structure lifting method was unique in that two full floors (L5 to L7) of the structure were connected together at ground level and then lifted on top of the X columns as one complete unit. Working with Hansen Yuncken and a number of other key stakeholders, Gonzalez developed a novel lifting methodology for the mega truss which was prefabricated at ground level and required two 500t cranes to raise the truss on each side. This dual lift of the truss used 8m long, 50t nylon slings, 85t and 55t shackles. A tower crane or crawler crane could not be used due to the large weight of the truss. This lifting method required safe access for bolting connections at height and a detailed engineering analysis of tolerances to ensure connections met acceptable limits. The successful installation of the X columns and mega truss took place over just two days and by installing the structures in this way the total construction time was reduced by approximately one month.

In overcoming the above noted project challenges with Hansen Yuncken, Gonzalez Steel Pty Ltd assisted greatly the successful on-time completion of the project. The structural elements completed by Gonzalez contributed to the project being recognized with both NSW and National Master Builders awards for Educational Facility and Commercial/Industrial Construction $50M-$100M as well as receiving a high commendation from the Australian Institute of Building. Moreover, New Space won the Newcastle Engineering Excellence Award and the Australia Engineering Excellence Award. The project was also recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2018 Newcastle and NSW Architecture Awards with wins in multiple categories.”

Jonathan Russell, Project Manager, Hansen Yuncken